Layaway Available
  • Full Website Access

    So simple! Use your answers to create an official bankruptcy petition.

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Layaway Available
  • Full Website Access Plus Upload Your Debts Using A Copy Of Your Credit Report

    Saves your time and ensures accuracy.

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Layaway Available
  • The Plus Plan And We Assemble & Send Your Documents To The Trustee

    We work with you to assure that all the documents you need for your interview arrive on time.
Always Included
  • • An Official U.S. Bankruptcy Petition
  • • Calculators To Determine If You Qualify
  • • Auto-Calculated Exemptions To Protect Your Assets
  • • 24-Hour Responder Tech Support
  • • Access To Our Articles, Videos & Guides
  • • Bank-Grade Encryption To Protect Your Information
  • • Our 100% Money Back Guarantee
Our Layaway Policy
Payments For Any Budget.
Bankruptcy is expensive. Our payment plans start at $25 per month with unlimited access to the site right now. Make changes and review draft petitions anytime. The official petition is emailed to you as soon as your last payment is finished.

Click here to register and set up a monthly, biweekly or even weekly payment plan.